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The Male Fashionistas


The Male Fashionistas

In my previous blog Fashion…. really a fashion or something else? I discussed the current fashion trends, their comparison to the previous times and that how people are playing with this in GOD KNOWS WHAT WAYS, morphing it, and creating something totally absurd and naming it as the LATEST TREND.


The issue is that this thing is not only happening in female fashion but has rapidly taken place in the male fashion equally. Awkward hairstyles, the choice of clothes e.g. ripped jeans, thong jeans (like the ones above) that makes them look no less than a beggar! Abusive and obnoxious printing of images and texts on shirts are some of the things that are being followed nowadays.

The dilemma is that the people who buy such stuff buy them with full confidence and without any doubts about their appearance. The only thing they know is that “THIS” is the current trend and it should be followed no matter what.


To look and dress according to the age is something not important for such people. They are just so busy in making themselves look young that at times it creates a fashion FAUX PAS for them. While knowing all this they still walk with full confidence… HORRIBLE… isn’t it?


If we observe our surroundings, we’ll see some awkward hairstyles which are beyond understanding (at least my understanding), teaming up with funky hair colors like reds, greens, blues and YESSS pinks as well, which does not portray one’s personality in a decent way, but rather shows how much that particular person is less interested in how he/she is appearing in front of the whole world. And yes…the phrase very common nowadays MY LIFE..MY RULES, can also not save such people.

Even in the corporate sectors, they don’t appear wearing formals, in fact they’re seen wearing casuals and such as I mentioned above. The use of jewellery by men e.g. ear studs, nose rings, brow studs etc. also give a vile look. But as such things are in trend nowadays people opt them and flaunt them in the best possible way so they can just stand out.



Whatever it is, the whole point of writing all this is that which ever gender it is, everyone should take fashion in it’s true terms and not morphing it according to their thinking and terming it as STYLE.

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Housewife, mother, emerging blogger who knows everything and is always right (only in front of my husband though)!

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