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5 inspirational quotes that dictate my life


Hard times are a part of life

Life is tough, unpredictable, and doesn’t slow down for anyone! The burden of everything can become overwhelming at times, this is when you truly see yourself for who you really are. You can simply accept defeat, or find the strength to succeed.

When times get tough!

Each person has a set of their own challenges that only they are aware of. I’ve been through a few tough times which I won’t get into. As cheesy as it may sound, I have a few quotes that I always keep in mind no matter what the situation to help me find the light whenever there’s darkness.

Here are some of the inspirational quotes that dictate my life:

“The man who has confidence in himself gains the confidence of others”

Omar Mujtaba Office

Talk smart, not long!

If I am not confident, and I don’t believe in myself, then why will anyone else have any confidence in me? Whether it’s a success or a defeat, I accept it with confidence. I make sure that when I speak something, I speak with a voice that will be “heard”.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”

Omar Mujtaba Office

Staying focused is essential

There is no such thing as impossible, just difficult. I never say “Sorry, I can’t do it”, I say “Ahaaaan. Lemme have a look at it and I’ll let you know how much time it’ll take me”. As long as I keep believing that I’ll be able to do it, I always end up doing it no matter how hard something is! Always!!!

“It’s not whether you fall down, it’s whether you get back up”

Omar Mujtaba Jetski

Remember to have fun

This is a quote that has molded my life at every turn. Every time I was thrown with something completely unexpected, I learned to keep my cool, take a step back, and then start taking on the situation head-on, because: “The only way forward, is through” and “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”!

“The people who influence you are the people who believe in you”

Omar Mujtaba Couple

My right hand, my partner in crime!

This is the most important quote of all. The people who know me have seen that I never worry about what the world thinks about me. I say what I believe is right, stick to it, and never worry about people who will simply pull me down. My life revolves around my family, friends, and colleagues who believe in me no matter what. Their motivation and expectations are what keep me going. They are the ones who push me to do better at every point. They give me purpose, and without a purpose, everything I do is in vain!

“You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character”

Omar Mujtaba jump


Believing the above line is what has brought me to where I am today! I have failed countless times in every situation, but it was those failures that taught me everything I know today. I’m just 27, so I don’t believe I’ve yet faced the toughest situations yet, but I know if I have my family by my side supporting me like they always have in every good/bad decision, and I keep these quotes in mind to motivate me, I’ll always find the perseverance of failing 49 times, and still having the strength to succeed on the 50th!

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