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My Story – Omar Mujtaba


Who am I?

From Pakistan, to Saudi Arabia, to UK, to Australia, my life story (so far) contains fruits and nuts from these 4 places.

I was born in Pakistan, learned to read and speak in Saudi Arabia, learned to compete in Pakistan, learned to earn in UK, and now, I’ve arrived in Australia with my beautiful wife and an approaching kid to start our family!


I’m happy to say I have a colorful background and experiences where I have all sort of stories! For example:

  1. Developing a website for my landlord in my 2nd year of university, with one month’s rent as the payment!
  2. Reassembling and fixing a clients laptop which he disassembled because he thought he could fix it but couldn’t, and thinking of it as trash and giving it to me for free! I fixed it and casually used it in front of him the next time we met!
  3. Making a friend believe that another friend is possessed by a ghost, and then performing an exorcism on him (Yeah! True story! I have a video as evidence *evil grin*)
  4. Many many more…


My professional story has always been entitled as a “Software Developer”. From Web Development, to Android Development, to Game Development, to Project Management, to being the most sarcastic guy at work, I’ve done plenty. But I didn’t want to be a Jack of all trades master of none, so I’ve been masquerading as an Android Developer for the past few years!


A month ago, I came to Sydney, Australia! 2017 has already been a big year for me. I got married, I moved to a new country, I started a challenging (but fun) job, I’ve had to set a house from scratch, and in a few months, I’ll be a dad! I’m sure I’ll be in for a lot more surprises before this year ends!

My backbone:

Hard work, honesty, self-respect, and the value of family. This is what my parents have grinded in me my entire life, and it’s because of them I can confidently say I have accomplished a lot by the age of 27. Big thanks to my mom, dad, sis, and wife for always believing in me and supporting me in every decision.

What I live by:

“It’s not whether you fall down, it’s whether you get back up” – This is what I live by, no matter how tough life is, firmly take the blow and then GET… BACK…UP…!

Author Details
Software Engineer
Father, Husband, Blogger, and the most sarcastic guy you’ll meet!

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