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Fashion…. really a fashion or something else?


Have we forgotten the class while bringing novelty in FASHION?

Fashion is something that is much talked about. People from different fields and strata of society have their own fashion sense and opinions about it. Like everyone else, I also love fashion and love to talk about it. Being a pure Pakistani and a 90`s kid, I’ve seen fashion changing… like… A LOT… and fashion trends back then were quite different than that of today.

Trends nowadays….

Fashion trends nowadays are really hard to understand for me and people like me. Now, that`s my opinion, it may differ from others. But the people who agree with my viewpoint know well that the trend that is being followed under the heading of “FASHION” isn`t actually what it says.

Being fashionable and modest at the same time…

Being fashionable doesn`t mean to go beyond limits, forgetting modesty and leaving the culture and traditions behind, no matter what culture you’re from, one should always dress in an appropriate and decent way. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting that “SHALWAR KAMEEZ” culture here neither do I have that mentality because anyone can look decent in a western outfit as well, what matters is that HOW IT IS DONNED…

Omitting fabric from an outfit and being naked before the whole world doesn’t make you a fashionable person, otherwise, as it is said ANIMALS ARE MORE FASHIONABLE THAN HUMANS BECAUSE THEY DON`T WEAR ANYTHING AT ALL…

Let’s have a look back in time…

If we have a look back into the history, 1000’s of years ago, primitive man used different objects to cover himself because he had no clothes. They used tree leaves, jute and animal skin to cover themselves and to stay protected from the harsh climate as well.

Primitive man V/S Modern man….

That was the primitive man who had nothing to wear, then came the modern man who invented fabric of different kinds, modified it into different patterns and styles and brought innovation in clothing to bring decency and modernism, to bring out that poise in the person who wears that. Women in Victorian Era used to wear layers of fabric and thick material for clothing to show that they belong to the revered families. But fashion today is opposing the culture and norms of civilized societies.

Guess we are dating back into the stone age and if that`s really the case then I would say that the PRIMITIVE MAN was actually the MODERN MAN who invented clothes to cover themselves and not the ripped ones like today.

Difference between Vulgarity and modernism….

There is a very thin line of demarcation between VULGARITY and MODERNISM and unfortunately, our fashion industry is showing vulgarity at its peak, sugar coating it under modernism, which really needs to be fixed.

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Housewife, mother, emerging blogger who knows everything and is always right (only in front of my husband though)!
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  1. Mujtaba Kamal December 5, 2017

    Good effort Anum. Keep going 👍

    1. Anum Omar December 5, 2017

      Thanks a million Baba…need your prayers.

  2. Shanzeh Usman Malik December 5, 2017

    Absolutely true!!great work👌

    1. Anum Omar December 5, 2017

      Thanks for your support Shanz

  3. Shurjil Husain December 5, 2017

    Great article, really well articulated.

  4. Shurjil Husain December 5, 2017

    Great article, really well articulated!

    1. Anum Omar December 5, 2017

      Bundle of thanks bhai.

  5. rabia December 6, 2017

    very well depicted.well done anumi. keep up the good work and keep shining.Good luck..best wishes n prayers for your bright future.


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