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What to expect when you’re expecting and some Tips and Tricks during Pregnancy!


In my previous blog I discussed the relationship between parents and their children, how different and important it is than any other relationship of the world. But before that there is another important step that can not be missed and that is pregnancy, which is always full of mixed emotions, having bitter sweet moments and still wanting the one you’re carrying inside you desperately even after dealing with bundle of difficulties.

So let me take you back to my journey of pregnancy and what I’ve been through and how some major and important tips and tricks along with the support and help of my loving husband (may ALLAH Almighty bless him) made this whole journey wayyyyy easier.

Note: The early stages of pregnancy are quite stressful not only for the mother to be but also for the father to be. Where a woman is experiencing loads of physical and mental stress, the man is also going through other difficult situations, not that he’s bearing the child (obviously)…LOL…but he also has to take care of many other major and important things like finances, managing work, and taking care of his wife at the same time. Helping her with her work, home and other stuff. So mutual understanding, respecting each other’s prerogative, space, cooperation and support is required from both ends to make things work in the best possible way.

Ugghhhh….that morning sickness…..

So it was summers of Pakistan, April 2017 when I conceived and as it was my first experience, like any other girl, I also had no idea what was coming my way and trust me it was awful but WORTH IT….(winkssss). So here came the Hyperemesis Gravidarum aka morning sickness!!! Many of you must be known to this but for the newbies, it’s the condition when the woman has this nauseous feeling right after waking up or after having breakfast which may result in vomiting along with dizziness. It mostly stays up until the first trimester, but in some cases it remains throughout the pregnancy.

Now, morning sickness can be really hard and you may become dehydrated due to excessive vomiting. You may not like any eatable at all and you still have to perform your daily duties and jobs etc.

So, to deal with this issue my then gynaecologist suggested me some tips which I am listing below to help you manage this, they sure did work for me and I hope these prove fruitful for other mum’s to be as well:

  • Having a plain cracker or a plain biscuit (nothing creamy or chocolaty) early in the morning even before you drink water. It will coat the inner walls of the stomach and will help it function better.
  • Don’t get up quickly from the bed right after you wake up in the morning. Stay there in the bed, sit with your head resting with the pillow, give yourself some time and then get up.
  • Always take liquids in small quantities and consume them while taking small sips.
  • You can go for medication as well to deal with nausea if it stays during the whole day, obviously after discussing this with your doctor.

Other Helpful Tips…

Apart from these I would like to mention some other but highly important points related to pregnancy over all, here which are listed below:

  • To consume small meals after every four hours so that it becomes digestible and keeps you filled.
  • Always keep some handy eatables like some sort of snacks with you when you are going out because you never know when you feel those hunger pangs.
  • Avoid travelling as it may aggravate the situation of nausea.
  • Walk is a must throughout the pregnancy as it helps you stay active and consumption of fresh air plays its own vital role.
  • In case of body stiffness or cramps which usually occur in the second trimester due to increasing body weight, massages work best! You can use simple massage oils or natural oils but must not use pain relieving creams because of their strong ingredients and many of them use camphor which isn’t good in pregnancy, and as these creams penetrate the body it is best to avoid them.
  • Any other medication must be discontinued the moment your pregnancy is confirmed or must be in notice of your doctor or midwife.
  • Loose and comfortable clothing must be opted because you and your body needs relaxation.
  • Bending down or weight lifting must be avoided strictly as these things result in making cases worse and can be dangerous for both the mum and the bub.
  • Alcohol, smoking or any other form of drugs is a BIG NO NO… in this condition and must be given up without any delays.
  • Any awkward symptom or any abnormal thing or feeling can be alarming. Must visit the hospital at once if you see any of this coming.
  • Stairs and high heels must be avoided as they both can be dangerous in terms of maintaining balance of the body.
  • Eating and living healthy is the key to happy n easy pregnancy. Remember what you eat, how you live and what you think will surely affect your baby.
  • Don’t let yourself get under any sort of stress or tension, it can harm you and your baby very easily. Eat loads and loads of fruits and veggies along with healthy fruit drinks, smoothies and shakes. A cup of warm milk with a tsp of honey is really beneficial at night for good n calm sleep with a lot of other benefits.
  • Any sort of allergies must be brought into your doctor’s account otherwise it can be harmful.
  • Suggested vitamins, supplements and folic acid must not be taken for granted and should be taken regularly as they help you produce more and fulfil your and your baby’s need because without them you cannot produce for two and in proper ratio.
  • Caffeine and energy drinks must be avoided at all times.
  • Driving must not be done in abundance as jerks or road bumps can be dangerous for both the mum and the bub.
  • Gestational diabetes and Hypertension are very common and must be monitored strictly on day to day basis. A proper diet plan must be followed in this situation. Mothers already suffering from diabetes or any other disease must stay under proper observation.

So, these were some important tips and tricks for leading a good, happy, healthy and comfy pregnancy, which I also used in my pregnancy and no doubt they proved really fruitful for me and my baby. I hope you guys read this and enjoy along with using these tips.

See you soon…Happy Pregnancy…🤰

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Housewife, mother, emerging blogger who knows everything and is always right (only in front of my husband though)!

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