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From Womb to World: Nothing worth having comes easy


The Beautiful Bond

The small angelic features, those soft hands and feet, their warm breath when they are close to you, when they smile while sleeping and expecting you to be right there when they wake up, can’t tell you how extraordinary and heart warming all this is.

You actually want to relive every moment every day and I feel myself blessed to be a mother of an angel looking one year old devil who has added a beautiful spark in our lives.

Emotions Overloaded

Becoming a parent is a very unique feeling which you don’t get in any other relation of the world. This feeling is a combination of both happiness and nervousness.

Happiness because you’re holding your own baby now that has a share in your life, who is going to firmly grab your hand and will not let it go, who will make you feel special because you are an integral part of their life, whatever you do will affect them, making you feel very important for them.

Nervousness because you fear whether you’ll be able to manage everything like you did before, whether whatever you’re doing is right or not, or is it good for the baby or not? How will you manage work? All the home duties with the little one and how will you give time to your spouse? What about your own space? Ohhhh……..and what about the expenses? Etc etc etc… All these questions may bring heaps of nervousness.

Nothing worth having comes easy!

Yes it’s true, having a baby and nurturing them into good human beings is NOT AN EASY JOB PEOPLE….. but trust me it’s never a waste of time and when these kids will grow up, become successful and will make big names out into the world, then you’ll realise that you did a great job and how well you managed everything and dealt with your nervousness.

Whether its easy or hard for you, watching a part of yourself grow that was once inside you gives you an amazing feeling, words can never do justice to that feeling as it is really hard to express.

Time Flies

You watch them grow daily but don’t realise until their clothes tell you when they no longer fit. Listening to your babies talks in their own language which you can’t understand… LOL…interacting with them in the same way simply fills you up and brightens up your day.

They are the actual energy boosters because they help you stay active (you have to run after them), laugh (they do completely unpredictable things), and play (even if you’re tired as hell after performing your home duties or any other work). It may sound crazy but lemme tell you it’s the best experience anyone can have.

Best Wishes!

I wish luck to everyone out there who is trying to or is already going through this exceptional phase of life. And I hope my upcoming blogs with some parenting tips, tricks, and hacks might come of use to some people 😉

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Housewife, mother, emerging blogger who knows everything and is always right (only in front of my husband though)!

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